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Frequently asked questions

What roofing materials do you employ?

We prefer utilizing Malarkey and Certainteed roofing products and consistently incorporate synthetic roofing underlayment in our projects.

How much time does roof replacement usually require?

Roof replacement generally takes between four days to a week for completion, contingent upon factors such as the roof's size and the condition of the roof deck. If necessary, we may need to replace plywood, fascias, or gables.

How do I obtain an estimate?

Getting an estimate is simple. Feel free to reach out by calling us or completing the contact form on our website. Our estimates are complimentary, and we ensure a prompt response to all inquiries.

What's the method for determining the quantity of shingles required for my roof?

We determine the amount of shingles needed by measuring the square footage of your roof and then dividing that figure by 100.

Will you work with my insurance company to help me move forward with my roofing job?

Yes. We will work with your insurance company to make this less of a hassle for you.

Why is there discoloring in my roof?

Discoloring happens when the shingles are getting old. The shingles are losing granules and from ultraviolet rays. It means your roof is reaching the end of its life span.

What ventilation options are suitable for my roof?

Adequate ventilation plays a crucial role in safeguarding your roof structure, reducing indoor temperatures, and minimizing energy costs. It also alleviates strain on your air conditioning system. The most prevalent ventilation options include RVO turtle vents, which are highly effective, and ridge vents, which work exceptionally well. It's essential for every house to have vents near the soffits, allowing cool air to enter and expelling hot air at the roof's apex. In instances where soffit vents aren't present, an alternative soffit vent designed for roof placement lower down towards the eaves can facilitate the intake of cool air.

My home was damaged by a falling branch or tree, what is the turn time to fix this?

It depends on the amount of damage it caused. It could be a day to fix or it could be a couple weeks. We will always come out right away and assess the damage. Then temporarily tarp it so it doesn't cause more damage until it is repaired.

I got my check from the insurance adjuster for hail damage, now what?

Call us to get a prompt response to get your roof back in the right shape.
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